ArchiCAD-Live Connection /// Grasshopper /// Columns Rotation Angle

Hey Guys,

I’m new to Grasshopper and Rhino and I decided to try using it through the ArchiCad Liveconnection to fix some Problem ArchiCad isn’t able to.

I want to divide Columns on a curve. I already fixed that Problem kind of but i want to set the columns orthogonal to the curve and i don’t know how to get the rotation angle i need to put in the Columns settings.
I thought I could fix that Problem through the Perp Frame function, but that doesn’t work.

Does anyone know how to solve this Problem?

Thank you!


I was trying to use it long ago,but its still not working well. Columns most of time when u trying to make them go in duffernet agle especially below Z not working.I don’t know what are u trying to do, but me at the moment doing it in rhino+grass then after baking sending it to Archicad.
also u can check this link but looks like u used this script from here also.

Thank you Gursel.
I found out, that in the latest version of archicad (21), they added a command to divide objects and columns on splines and to turn it right to it. so archicad solved the problem itself :slight_smile: