Grasshopper coding

does anyone know how to do Grasshopper coding of this structure.

Hi @fatih-fidan,

Seems like all of it can probably be achieved with K2 (Kangaroo 2).
For the first part, the folding truss, you could look into folding with K2. It could also be done without the physics simulation, but the results won’t be as satisfying.
The second part is pretty straightforward. It seems to be a simple K2 mesh relaxation between pairs of trusses (to get a minimal surface?).

@PeterFotiadis is already kindly offering some help in another, very similar thread of yours. Maybe continue the discusion over there to get the most out of it.

triangular section (14.8 KB)

I modified the grasshoper of the tupes to have only lines of 7 pairs of scissors, what you think

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