Grasshopper and Dynamo

Hey Scott,
I just found out about Dynamo recently.
It looks the same as Grasshopper.
Is that true or are there differences?
I guess what I’m wondering is, if the people who invented GH also invented Dynamo?

The people who develop Grasshopper are not the same people who develop Dynamo.

Thanx Luis.
They sure look the same!
Any idea why?

OK, thanx.
So this is something that’s been around for a while among different developers.
Too bad this stuff wasn’t around in the 90’s when I was young, bored with my work, and wanted to expand my skills!

For the record: Robert Aish (head of Bentley Systems R and D back then) did Generative Components (my primary parametric thingy - geared to AECOSim/Microstation). Then Autodesk did this (and that) and Aish switched camps and did the Dynamo. BTW: Bentley never actually recovered after that.

Robert Aish did DesignScript (source). Ian Keough did Dynamo (source). Dynamo implements DesignScript (source).

About three years ago all the job listings that might have mentioned Grasshopper now have all switched to Dynamo.

Please refrain from hyperbole. Or at least provide sources to back up your statement.

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if only they knew revit is a dead end …:smiley:

Interesting…gotta luv the corporate wars.
I’d rather the criminals at the top ‘went at it’ w/bullets instead.
That way the world would be rid of that ilk…eventually.

Linear history is what I was wondering about…

Why? Where? How? Results?

Is it?
Around here, that’s all they want to hire.
Slave wages too!
My name for it: ‘Shove-It’.
Who’s gonna replace ‘Shove-It’ in the near future?

In near future probably not, but in the converged future it has no place. This autodesk wagon has lot of inertia while destroying everything around it.
dwg - obsolete
rvt - obsolete

They can not build anything proper based on non-existent nextgen file format.

I could see how they want to push Invetor-Autocad-AutocadCivil-Revit-Infraworks into infrastructural projects. It is just huuuuge mess. Total interoperability nightmare. Non consistent environments. Non consistent file formats, methods … There is some old way in Civil, Dynamo in Revit, Plugins doing renfrocement…

But they really have got beautiful icons. All in consistent design.

'Putting lipstick on a pig…"

I would say these are the important dates:

The first version of Grasshopper, then called Explicit History , was released in September 2007. By David Rutten.

Dynamo was started by Ian Keough started while working at Buro Happold around 2010.

There are a lot of other things that came before and have some after this. But those are the documented dates.

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I read the Wiki that Luis posted.
But that’s not specific to the CAD venue.
Who invented visual programming for CAD?
Is it any different than for other apps?
Or is it like iLogic for Inventor where they conflate commands into blocks and make them visually manipulatable?
I’m just wondering who sole the idea and tech from whom?

It is not quite that clear. There were many influences from a lot of different directions.

Here is a couple very early ones:

Grail Demo from CHM tape 1968:
Pygmalion 1975:

There are many many examples all over the place. RhinoScript existed in 2002 and showed that people were interested in an easy to use interface for computational design.

iLogic in Inventor is from 2011.

Great, thanx for the links.
Yes, iLogic is a late comer, and it’s really scaled-down VBA.
Why does a design-draftsman want to learn programming when he’s got enough to do to just get his work done? That’s the appeal of GH. Too bad the criminals at Autodesk waited a full decade before spending some of their easy money on developing Inventor. But alas, nothing in the line of easy macros!