Grasshopper and Dynamo

Man! That DoD/Rand video is like something out of a science fiction movie.
Very interesting stuff way back then!
Look how much time ‘the industry’ harvested revenues before they finally are beginning to catch up…

Well, then there is AutoLISP from January 1986. Which has its roots in XLISP from 1983.

That was a place AutoDesk was ahead of the game. Perhaps that was the first CAD Scripting engine?

Or was it T-FLEX in 1989 as a precursor to Pro-E?

Or was it RUCAPS in 1973 a precursor to Revit?

So many ways to look at this. Fun thinking about all the history and the stories of the people behind it all.

Fun for you.
I don’t know any of the persons involved.
I’m sure it’s very interesting anyway.

i think italians invented it when they inveted spaghetii :slight_smile:

That would make sense…

Or did the Chinese inspire spaghetti thru Marco Pollo? :smile:

Not sure, b/c I have Italian roots only.

One thing’s for sure, that ancient ‘iPad’ sure looked like the less ancient Digitizers I used in the late 80’s.