Isovist / Quality View LEED credit : Dynamo or Grasshopper?

Hello eveyone,

I am currently making scripts that tests LEED Quality View.
I’m trying to figure out if I should make scripts in either Dynamo or Grasshopper. Need experts opinion on this.

The 3D model files that I need to test are Revit files - so I guess it makes more sense to make it in Dynamo. However I just started learning how to do Dynamo a week ago and currently learning - thus it takes more time for me to make the scripts. On top of that I think Dynamo is definitely slower than GH and sometimes customized nodes need to be updated time to time.

I’ve been using GH for 2 years and have made multiple scripts so I have a basic knowledge on how visual coding works.

Any thoughts or advice on this? a quick pros and cons of both softwares?
thanks everyone. please let me know if you need more information from my end.

Well, if you own Rhino 6, you can use Rhino 7 WIP/Grasshopper inside Revit to use Grasshopper in both places at once:

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