Grashopper: Vray Rectangular Lights Orientation

This is so frustrating!! I’m having a hard time orienting the Vray Rectangular Lights along a horizontal frame. Every time I try to create a rectangular light object and input everything it says, it orients by default to the XY even though i’ve given them the new planes. Is this a bug?? This is extremely annoying! @Peter.Chaushev

Lighting-Pendant Linear (24.0 KB)

Lights-Pendant Linear.3dm (512.6 KB)

Is this not a standard Rhino problem independent from the render engine?

Sidenote: if you have the same light source several times than I would copy&paste it and only one entry is created at the asset editor (like instancing). If you create 5 new light sources than you get 5 lights at the assett editor - maybe you don’t need 5 independent controls.

My problem is with Vray Grasshopper. When I try to script it out, the lights don’t align with the planes I created