Grashopper file read and write without opening the file in Excel


I have a grasshopper definition which writes and read from excel. So far I have used in a way when the file was opened in Excel. Is it possible to access an excel file without opening it in Excel?


Did you try it?


No I have not. In theory is it possible? I thought excel interoperalitiby works only when Excel is runnning.


Test it yourself and let us know. Seriously, it would take less time to do that than posting the question on the forum.


I would test if I knew how to do that.

(David Rutten) #6

If you can output your data as comma-separated-value, then yes. Grasshopper can read text data from files.

I do believe there’s a plugin for Excel interop, but I do not know which one or how it works.


Thanks David,
I know that t works with normal .txt files. I am asking about .xlxs file and I want to write file too, so that it remains a normal excel file can be read by anyone. And again I want to write it WITHOUT being open in excel.


Try running your tested GH file without opening Excel? What’s the mystery? I can’t help and will say no more.


Of course nothing happens. :slight_smile:


Actually maybe I have found a workaround. There is soultion for this called Leafcutter.