Dynamic read from Excel from file without active sheet open


I am trying to achieve following without success. Tried Bumblebee GHexcel plugins…

-there is excel file with given filepath and it is constantly changed because it is results from analysis software
-i need to dynamically read that excel file into grasshopper so it reacts and updates when the file is changed
-the file cannot be open it has to be done in the background because its constatly overwritten by the analysis soft
-Bumblebee and GHexcel can do this only when excel sheet is open

I need to establish optimization loop – parameters change --> export --> analyze (results are saved in excel) --> import results --> optimize (octopus) —> change parameters …

without this function there is probably no way how to achieve it

Thank you

Hi Ivan - perhaps this one will work for you?


i am testing it… how can i make it work to update when change is done… there is manual toggle to read data i need them to listen to change

Hi -

I wouldn’t know. I’m just searching and reporting what I find…
Another one:

An Excel reader/ Listener that keeps a live link to an Excel spreadsheet and automatically detects changes.

… but perhaps that one also requires that the document is open?

i might have it.

it will update when there is change in gh component which triggers analyses … so when analyses is done there is new output message and then excel will be read which will trigger another event

do you think this is good enough solution? i am afraid the chain of loop events wont be as it should be