Grading - Scaling shoelast

Hello to all.
I need to help with shoelast grading or Scaling in French sizes.
Lenght is 6.66mm each one size
Widht is 4.5mm each one size
Is there any way to do it in Rhino?
Many thanks for info.
3358_43.stl (624.6 KB)

Oh that’s an ugly mesh… The edge, especially at the front has some weird faces…

I’d suggest to use QuadRemesh and some guide curves. Then scale

OK. Many thanks, but question was how to scale or grade?

čt 19. 11. 2020 v 17:24 odesílatel Martin Siegrist via McNeel Forum <> napsal:

There are many grading rules used by last factories.
Do you have certain rules that you want to use?
If you use simple rules, and scale the complete last in x,y,z direction you can use _BoxEdit.
If you want to scale different parts of the last with different coëfficents, in directions that are not exactly orthogonal and in a non-linear way (which you need to do to be precise), you can use CageEdit.

Mr. Hondebrink.
Many thanks to you for info about command BoxEdit.
This one is very interesting and applicable for one value - Lenght of the last.
Can you please explain or help me if is possible to correct control by this command circumference of the Ball. Because this command just reduce or increases widht in Y and lenght in X.
Is here any possibility to control by Widht of Ball the circumference of the Ball? Can exist any dependence between widht and circumference? Its just question, for using this command.
Your scaling by continous angles is better?
I need normaly scale - grade one size for every sizes in French.
Many thanks for some idea.
Have a nice evening.