Can Rhino scale pieces relative to other pieces with limits?

Good morning!

I’m having some difficulty figuring out an easier, more automatic way to make a ring composed of little horse-shoe shaped prong heads, where the diamonds change size down the shank, and thus the prong heads need to get smaller.

The challenge is how can I keep the same bottom thickness of the horse-shoe shapes, but change the their height to stay aligned with the finger hole circle at their bottoms.

It would also be nice to slightly scale down the ends of the prongs since the diamonds get smaller too, but not to get too skinny.

The Rhino History hasn’t worked for me with this. RhinoGold (which is a jewelry plug-in for Rhino) hasn’t been much help either. It has a Copy By Gems tool, which does scale them, but it’s not also able to reference that finger size hole, which is important. Nor does Copy By Gems permit changes to the defining pipe curves.

Does Rhino have any built-in Copy By Objects tool? I couldn’t find one but couldn’t think what other name it might be.

I’ve seen a lot of McNeel update article titles about Parametric Design, and Grasshopper. Is that something that would help with this problem? Seems like a steep learning curve, but the pictures I’ve seen are quite astounding!

have you tried with FlowAlongSrf?

Ooh, intriguing! I have not. Thank you, I’ll give that whirl.