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I´m Brazilian Shoe Designer, specialist in sole design… I want to suggest a command to Rhino V6, if possible… It will be very interesting if the command CageEdit there was a way to pick up a Source closed contour (or surface) and a Target closed contour (or surface too), to deform a lot of surfaces from a contour to a new contour… Is it possible? Years ago I talked to Andres about this … it would be very useful for anyone who works with soles… I´m waiting for your reply! Thanks a lot!

I’m not a shoe guy, but is what you described part of what is known as “Grading”?

No… Grading is the others numbers of the sole. This describeb is used to
replicate… To adapt the same design to a new shoe last without construct
all of surfaces again…

Hi Osvali - it seems like you might be able to use FlowAlongSrf to get this done, rather than CageEdit. Can you post a simple example?


I’ve already tried using FLOW Along Surface, but the deformation is
too big and has just ruined the drawing. Sometimes he does not even
figure it out. I will separate an example, and send it to you

Good Morning! As we agreed yesterday, attachments are two examples of the
requested command. What I need (and all those who work with soles need) is
often to take a finished product in 3D, from one contour to another, from
one shoe last to another, and in most cases, CAGEEDIT does not show good
results, besides Be quite laborious. What I suggest is in the CAGEEDIT
command, to have the option of: Choose the geometry to be modified, the
origin contour and the destination contour (this contour sometimes needs to
be 3D, because in addition to the contour changes the profile of the floor
also). It would be great if you could choose more than one entity in the
destination boundary, so it would be possible to have the same 3D product
in several other ways.
Taking advantage of the email, I will suggest another feature that is
missing: OFFSET VARIABLE CURVE, I imagine its operation as follows: Select
the curve, and it indicates the points in the curve and the distances, it
would be great if that existed as well.

Anyway, these are my suggestions, I am available for other clarifications.
Thank you very much!

Here is the link to download the file:

Hi Osvali - yep, I see - it is a tricky one - I can get somewhat decent results from FlowAlongSrf but it is not all that straightforward to me so far, how to arrange things in a reliable & repeatable way. I’ll play with it some more.


Glad you understood the need. It really is missing for a lot of the people that develops products with Rhinoceros. I am available to help you develop this tool, count on me! If possible, pay special attention to the OFFSET VARIABLE CURVE, it’s a great drawing tool too!

Thank you!

Osvalí .’.

Hi Osvali - the variable curve offset is on our list. The current workaround, awkward as it is, is this:

  1. Extrude the curve a short distance.
  2. VariableOffsetSrf.
  3. DupEdge the result.

I hope that helps some, for now.