Quick scaling/resizing of complex curves


I have modelled a part and would like to change the length and width without having to redo everything. The central dish can grow in size but I would like to keep its location consistant. Is resizing of certain dimensions possible, and if so how?

I have attached three pictures below. The driving dimension is the 21.06 value, however I would like to keep the ratio the same through all dimensions. This being the secondary dimension is 93.59% that of the driving dimension.

If possible I would like to make the driving dimension 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, ect.

Thank you very much!

Hi Jonathan - If all the curves keep the same proportions relative to one another, isn’t this just a 3d scaling? If so, Scale, with a consistent base point, or BoxEdit on the object as a whole might help, since it can tell you the overall dimensions.


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I think you may have use for the Scale, Scale1D, Scale2D and/or CageEdit commands.

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Wow, BoxEdit - new one for me thanks :smile:

Saving me again Pascal!

The sacle2D also worked menno, but the box edit was easier since I already had the values for the x & y co-ordinates :smile:

Thank you very much!