Gradient shading in Rhino V6.0

Please do not forget to include in the wish list for RHINO V6.0 the capability of making gradient shading in 2D closed drawings. This is something what can be done in Autodesk Sketch Bok Designer.

What problem would a gradient shading solve for you?
We tend to not consider adding features that already exist in other applications,

If it turns out that a problem is best solved with a similar feature, then we might end up with something similar, but it has to solve a problem.

There no such problem. Rhino V5 can do uniform shading. Just like to see that its capability can extend to gradient shading. I have an image in jpg - how can I upload it?

Hi Ajoy - you can drag and drop the image or Copy/Paste to your post.


Sample of gradient shading uploaded.

So this is a 2d shape with a gradient, correct? You can do this, if not super conveniently, in Rhino, by making a planar surface and applying a gradient texture to the surface, and then setting the object display mode to ‘Rendered’.


Many thanks Pascal.

What I did was by importing the 2D drawing made in RHINO to Autodesk SketchBook Designer to get the gradient shading.

Now, I will try in Rhino in the way you have shown. It will need some manipulations.

However, if we can do gradient shading in the 2D sketch, say in the ‘hatch’ command, it will be quick and easier.

Any possibility in Rhino V6?

With regards. Ajoy

Dear Pascal,

Need a little more - I am just retired hobbyist use for publication work as my sample image showed.

Where from to get the ‘gradient texture’? My texture from render dropdown menu is empty.

Regards. Ajoy

You’ll have to make one in some other program.
if not super conveniently, as Pascal says. That being an understatement :wink:

Hi Wim, Ajoy - Not at all - Rhino has built in procedural textures - open the Textures panel (Panels menu) and hit the + symbol > click More Types > Gradient texture.



Many thanks Pascal/Wim.
Some success as shown. How to get two sides as shown by Pascal?

Dear Pascal,

Many thanks - made some success. The image is uploaded in the forum page.

I need a little more nudge with two more questions as follows.

  1. How to get the gradient done from both sides as shown in one of your ellipse image (left hand one). Or in that manner from any side.

  2. How to control the extent of gradient.

I find the degree of darkness can be controlled by adjusting the gamma curve.

With regards. Ajoy

Click on the Add… button in the Custom Curve interface. That will allow you to set the curve as in the following picture.

Dear Wim,

Many thanks - success, al last.

Need to practise now.

It helps in my technical authoring work.

With regards. Ajoy