Gradient Dot Pattern

Hi everyone,

This follows from a previous post in which I asked the best way to generate a gradient dot pattern that is commonly found on the edges of car windscreens, etc.

I’m new to Grasshopper and @Joseph_Oster was kind enough to help with a .gh definition (see attached), and it gets close to what I’m trying to achieve - having a gradient dot pattern between the inner and outer edges of a surface.

My issue has been the transition from a radius to a straight section and keeping the dots of each row in the centre of the previous row. I’ve attached some pictures of windscreens examples and a gradient dot pattern.

It’s important that I’m able to control the smallest dots’ diameter, which cannot be less than 0.5mm.

Any help with achieving this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

GH Dot (48.1 KB)

Previous thread is here:

I am very reluctant to rely in a DUPLICATE THREAD. Just this once…

Using an Anemone loop: (yellow group) I can’t say this is the best way, it’s certainly not the only way. (65.9 KB)

P.S. To get space between circles on the outer edge, replace the “2” text panel with a slider (‘EdgeF’). (66.1 KB)

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Thank you, Joseph! I appreciate your time with this.

Your radiused rectangle in this thread is 749 units long compared to 595 units in the previous thread (and my last post). And the corner radius is smaller. So more holes (400) works better than 141 holes. And it looks better to reduce ‘Min Radius’ from 0.429 to 0.250. (51.4 KB)

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