Gradient Color - Material properties

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I want to ask is there anyway to make gradient color by editing gradient texture in material properties ?


usually yes, but what do you mean by editing?

sorry , let me explain more. I try to edit the gradient texture in material properties like the image uplaoded. But, gradient color cannot be shown in the model.

hm yeah, that is not so easy i struggle with this myself pretty often. start with the mapping, that is the icon next to the tube which you have selected on your 2nd image, that warped surface with the red checkerboard on it. there you would have to fiddle till you get something out of it, it is probably set to surface which might not work on this polysurface at all. you could try box or anything cylindric maybe. then there is also how you would like the gradient to flow, if it is basically simple vertical from up to down or left to right then you are in luck, if you want the gradient to follow the actual geometry that might not be possible, at least not so easy and that is where my knowledge how to apply that would come to an end.

The issue is probably the texture mapping. Post a file and I can look.

Thank you. Here is my file.

Thanks for your reply , I can make a gradient color with a simple circular plane.
But , it seems color will change when its position is changed. Is there anyway to fix this issue ?

Can you please post a 3dm file in this thread. If the 3dm is larger than 20MB, apply the material to a simple object or part of your model only and Export just that to show the issue.

and maybe also make a sketch how the gradient should run across

edit: @BrianJ i downloaded and zipped the file there you go (18.1 MB)

Thanks for your help !

I don’t see a gradient texture map in any material applied to the model. I can guess you want to have a gradient of color shown across one of the objects in the file but I don’t know which one and in what orientation you want the gradient to display. The file doesn’t seem to match what you took a screenshot of in earlier posts. Regardless, this is what I think you want… use a Physically based material with a Gradient texture in the Color channel. Then use a Planar mapping method for the object’s texture mapping property in the Properties panel.

Wing_gradient_bj.3dm (17.4 MB)

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i guess you used the mapping widget to get the mapping into position?

also, assuming i have a more complex shape, like a spiral and i can not build the structure with one surface using the surface mapping, is there a way i can let a gradient follow a particular route? like for instance along a curve or similar?

Yes, controlling how any texture in a material is shown is a matter of texture mapping for the object among other variables like what the texture map itself in the material is set to use for mapping. Planar mapping is super simple to set up and edit via the object’s Properties. You can use a single surface as a custom mapping object too for your hypothetical case.

Thank you very much ! I can now make gradient color even the position is changed.
And there is one more question about gradient color. It seems color is different from the color shown in Rhino and 3D PDF ( I use SimLab to export 3D PDF).

Is there any way to solve this problem ? ?

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For that you’ll have to contact Simlab.