Rhino 6 Wall Volumen

I’m currently testing Rhino6. when I create a solid that is hollowed out, I’m stuck. in Rhino 5, it was easy to have a paralle surface, is that the correct name ?,The outer wall is not moved cleanly parallel inward. W

hat do I overlook?

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Hello - if you have an example file where OffsetSrf or Shell behaves differently/worse in V6 compared to V5, please send it - here, or to tech@mcneel.com


Attached the file. in rhino5 it was easy. Now the error arises.
cloud 3dm file

Hello - I got back to what is, I think the original object-

Shell seems to work the same in V5 and 6. (note I changed the file tolerance to .001, .01 is too large for this in my opinion.)
Neither makes a closed object - there is some clean up to do , I don’t think there is any way around that - but it does not look too bad.


thanks for the quick response. I had already tried it with different settings. with 0.00001 still a bug. cuts in red purple orange?

Original is unfortunately different so I can not take this. another detail (gerät)