Grab data from Tekla model (not elements)


I’m using a lot the live link for data manipulation and I’m loving it.

I have a query, is there a way of getting data from the model itself and not an element? Like the name of the model I’m linked to? or the path where the model is? That type of data.

Also it could be ideal, and I know someone mentioned this in the forum, to have the possibility of replicating Tekla filters but from GH. I know Sebastian did an example with selecting GUID using Get Property, Match Text and Cull Pattern, and I’ve used it already, but could be nice to create filters from GH.

Thank you like always for your replies.


Hi Luciano,

For the model info there’s no component, although the info can be queried rather easily with the API and a C# component if you’re into that. Check the ModelInfo class and example code:

With the Tekla Object Pipeline component you can select objects based on existing filters as you probably know. Creating new filters on the fly is an interesting proposal but not possible at the moment.



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Thank you very much like always, Sebastian.

I don’t know why there’s a warning, but it works hahaha.

My goal for next year is C# and Tekla Open API, so this is an incentive!

Thank you again.


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Just in case if anybody needs it:

Reference Tekla.Structures.Model.dll

using Tekla.Structures.Model;

if(x == "True")
      Model teklaModel = new Model();

      string modelName = teklaModel.GetInfo().ModelName;
      string modelPath = teklaModel.GetInfo().ModelPath;

      name = modelName;
      path = modelPath;