Select TEKLA ( elements or reinforcement) by id or guid

I am using grasshopper and looking to select TEKLA elements or reinforcements in the model by id or guid of this éléments.

Selecting tekla objects by id is not possible directly now. You can extract id or guid from selected objects.

do you mean filter selected objects in grasshopper by id?

Hi @Fouad_HAR

It means you cannot directly select elements from GH to Tekla. However, from GH you can obtain the attributes of your tekla elements and play with their attributes, filtering and so on.


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Thanks for help


Here’s an example of how you could filter objects based on their GUIDs as mentioned. First you reference in all the objects from the model (right-click the Model Object component > Set Multiple Model Objects). The GUID list is in a panel, it could come from somewhere else of course. (10.8 KB)




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Very helpful script Sebastian

Thank you for your help, very helpful.