Tekla Grasshopper Plugin

Hi All,

I have a complex component with plates, beam and bolts in it

my focus is to insert attributes base on any model object that has a profile, if doesnt just ignore.

tekla-grasshopper plugin is useful however it gets very laggy when dealing when many components,

is there anyway to deconstruct Tekla component, locate beam and plate and get profile using Python code???

Hi Jia Yeap,

The Tekla API is .NET based but I think you can access it from the GHPython component (although haven’t tried that myself). The references needed are at least Tekla.Structures.dll and Tekla.Structures.Model.dll from the Tekla install folder.

Then you can explore the component inputs by enumerating the object returned by the Component.GetComponentInput method. Here’s some example code in C#: https://developer.tekla.com/tekla-structures/api/22/13854