GPU - Quadro P2000 or RTX 4000?

I’m making some mid-life updates to my workstation. As I almost exclusively use it for CAD modelling, not visualisation, and I enjoy having a box that runs cool, quiet and efficient, I have taken a different route to many here and used an i3 CPU for a while now, albeit mildly overclocked. For most Rhino modelling tasks I find it more than adequate. I rarely work with files larger than 100Mb.

I’d like to upgrade my GPU as I want to add a fourth screen. I’m pretty sure I’ll go with a Quadro P2000 as it has an excellent price/performance ratio and it’s very power efficient. However, I’ve been reading reviews of the RTX 4000 and I’m wondering if it would show any benefit in terms of viewport performance, especially with the newer display modes in Rhino 6. I spend most of my time in wireframe, but also use some of the ‘rendered’ modes occasionally.

For this kind of use, is the RTX 4000 going to be worth the additional expense? Whatever I choose, it needs to be a single-slot card.

According to benchmarks(which are not gospel) the RTX 4000 should be much faster.

It’s whether I would notice the difference between (for example) 340fps and 105 :grin:

Over the past five years hardware has pretty much caught up with the demands my work may place upon it, and more. It’s certainly outstripping the needs that my clients demand. That’s why I switched to i3 and spent my money on quick storage.

Does (or will) Rhino 6/7 make use of the new features that the RTX line brings to the table, that something like the P2000 doesn’t have?