P4000 vs rtx 2080ti (gpu)

Quadro P4000 VS MSI RTX 2080TI

I am a ship designer and never need to use Rendering.

I only work in shaded view in rhino v.6

the problem arise when modeling a particular vessel which has many entities like marine Engines(below pic.)

of course, V6 is much better than V5.
because the rhino v6 can use large amounts of GPU memory than V5.
but i don’t know what gpu is optimized in v6 when dealing with the only many-entities-modeling.

please recommand what graphic card is the best for us.

  1. Quadro P4000
  2. RTX 2080ti(msi)
  3. another

our modeling website : www.shipdh.com
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I’d buy a used aftermarket edition 1080 ti. The best bang for the buck card. I won’t buy anything with a blower fan.

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