Goodbye RhinoWIP for Rhino 5 for Mac

Cool, I just deleted the WIP V5 - bring on V6 LOL


We’re getting closer aren’t we… :sunglasses:


tried opening my WIP today, it came up expired, and there are no more updates, does this mean Rhino for Mac V6 is available :slight_smile:

It will be some time before the new Mac WIP (V6 based) will be cleaned up and stable enough for public release.
I don’t have an estimate.

oh ok, I thought the V5 WIP would run until the V6 WIP was available :frowning:

Is there a definitive chart illustrating what works and what doesn’t in Mac Rhino 5.4 compared to the Windows version 5 and the new 6?

Sort of:

@John_Brock @makearchitectur it will be interesting to see this comparison of commands when V6 for Mac makes its entrance :slight_smile:

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It’s a moving target (and will continue to be so for awhile), but it will probably look something like this when the first RhinoWIP is public.

NamedPositions, Snapshots, and ApplyEdgeSoftening would be nice, I see the ‘to do’ list is down to 6, I’m guessing won’t be long :slight_smile:

Yep, we’re working on those. Just saying that some might not be available in the first public RhinoWIP. I’d rather get a somewhat stable RhinoWIP into your hands even if those commands are not yet in it.


A proper “chamferedge” with angle and distance control would be nice. And a more advanced layout function. As well as better and faster displaying dwg when you open them (large files with lots of annotations, text and hatches).

Right click to toggle a command option no longer works… my post. Right clicking completes my command instead of toggling the options

Now we are really close… right?!? :+1::sunglasses::open_mouth:


I think that is excessively wishful thinking.
There is a long list of testing items that are “awating dependencies” for tools that do not yet exist. It’s only very recently that I’ve been able to get into the WIP, test a couple files, and exit without crashing.

My best seat-of-the-pants guess is at least a couple months of work before it could be let out of the building. Before that, and it’s just too risky and potentially destructive to user data.

Really? In that case I probably have misunderstood this:

There’s only four items on that list now. To me that’s “close to zero”… no?


… Now they are suddenly 16… Oh well…


Many of those items were marked as visible to developers only. I’ve fixed that for those that are appropriate. You should be able to see about 16 issues now (though there are another 15 or so that are not visible to the public because they contain private information). I am still skeptical that these are the final issues before we publish the first RhinoWIP.

Sorry for any confusion I caused with the above statement.

We’re not gonna forget to tell you though :wink:

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Ok, thanks… but “a couple of months” sounds really depressing now :no_mouth:


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That’s what prompted my initial statement about excessively wishful thinking.

Keep in mind too that when the Mac V6 WIP is released, it will be very rough and have lots of problems. It not something anyone will want to try to do production work with.