glTFLoader.dll version

For the gltfExtensions project, it reference to the gltfLoader, does it come from the nuget packages? or some where else, we want to check the codes to see if we can get the color or material into/outof the gltf that we can use on our onlin 3D viewer, Thanks a lot!

Any ideas, Thanks a lot!

@Joshua_Kennedy - is this anything you know about?


The glTFExtensions project contains definitions for extensions to the glTF specification that I can reference from both the import and export plugins. For the most part they’re extensions to glTFs material definition for things like IOR. In order to read the material color you don’t need the extensions at all. That information is in the materials->baseMetalRoughness->baseColorFactor or baseColorTexture. It’s all open source here:

The glTFLoader project comes from the glTFLib submodule. That project parses the glTF schema files into .NET SDK. Everything needed to build it is all included in that repository and the submodules.

Hope that helps

Got it, Thanks Joshua!