Grasshopper .glb / gltf loader

Hi all,

There seem to be .glb / gltf exporters for grasshopper but not any loaders. Is anyone aware of any GH libraries that can load .glb or .gltf files from a directory or a URL?

Thanks! :pray:

Rhino 8 supports importing glTF files out-of-the-box (see here).

Making use of this new feature, the Import Geometry component of the ShapeDiver plugin now supports the glTF format as well. You can reference the geometry from a public URL. At the moment, the component is only able to import geometry but a future release will support materials as well.

Thank you @mathieu1 - I was aware that Rhino 8 supports this out of the box. I was hoping to accomplish this in Grasshopper. Great that Shapediver supports this and that materials will be supported soon.

Is there a rough estimate of when this will be released?

Thanks again! :pray: