Load 3dm and GLTF into three.js issue

When I open the attached file, and save it as 3dm or gltf, no color was shown in the below three.js viewer, any ideas? Thanks a lot!


Test.3dm (16.2 MB)

Well, all of your objects are black. I’m sure that has something to do with it.

It doesn’t appear this viewer knows anything about Rhino materials.

– Dale

Thanks Dale, for loading 3dm file, I think it called to the 3dmloader, not sure about it, but is 3dmLoader developed by McNeel? if so, is there a way or API that we can show those materials, Thanks Dale!

It looks like 3dmLoader is using Rhino3dm.js, which is a JavaScript wrapper around our openNURBS toolkit.

I believe you can get basic material information from openNURBS, and Rhino3dm.js. But must of the advanced stuff (e.g. RDK) is not available outside of Rhino at this time.

– Dale

Yes, it is developed by McNeel. We are actively working on getting access to the render material information, but aren’t there yet.

Got it, Thanks Steve!

Got it, Thanks Dale!