Glow and bloom at transparent background issue

When I try to save render (with emission material and glow and bloom post effect) in jpg it save it with nice red glow/bloom around object but when I try to save it with transparent background there is no glow/bloom around. Is it possible to save it with this effect and transparent background?

Hey, @DavidEranen will know. Weekend started over here, so it’ll probably next week he’ll look at this and answer.

Thanks for reporting!

It’s definitely a bug. I created a YouTrack item for the issue:


RH-63055 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

Thanks! It is working nice at transparent background now but there is problem at solid background.

Hi @s.wac,

It’s working as intended. When you only show the RGB values of the image you will see pixels that normally would be transparent. If you want to see the picture with a solid background, you will have to render with “Transparent background” disabled.


That said, @s.wac in the near-ish future I hope to change the Rhino Render so that instead of using black for transparent background I’d use the actual background color at that point. But right now it is as @DavidEranen mentions.