Globally change font of gh panel?

In Grasshopper preferences I can’t change the font for the panel component. That font can only be changed through the right click menu of that particular panel. Is there a way to globally change the font? If not, I hope this will be possible in gh2.


“console font” in preferences does change the panel font BUT that only applies for panels that are created afterwards, not for already existing ones. I hope there is a way to change it globally for the panels that already exist in the gh definition.


Here is a solution using MetaHopper (downloadable from Package Manager)

You’ll have to copy-paste the components inside your definition, define your font (and if you want, other properties), then hit F5 to recompute. (6.6 KB)

Thanks that worked for me, all panels in my def have the same font now, great and thanks.

would be nice if gh2 could just add an option in preferences to apply font changes to all existing panels in the def.