Glitch: restoring a named view changes layout viewport aspect ratio

When a Detail view is active on a layout, and Restore is used on a named view with the option ‘Restore aspect ration’ turned on, the whole Layout viewport changes the aspect ratio accordingly. The model space viewports are then visible in the background. That does not make much sense, does it.
It would be mode logical if either the Detail view would change aspect ration, or a.r. is just ignored.

Hi Eugen -

In a quick test here, I’m not seeing anything unusual. Could you post a very simple file without 3rd party plug-ins that shows that behavior?

test restore aspect ratio.3dm (171.6 KB)
That’s a simple file with the perspective viewport set to some aspect ratio first (720x509, an A format).
When you go to the layout, activate the detail and restore the view from the named views panel, this happens: