Bug?: Named View Restoration Restricts Layout Viewspace

Restore a Named View with very different proportions from Rhino’s working window to a Detail View in a Layout.
The Detail View succesfully becomes the desired Named View, but the proportions of the Layout workspace take on the proportions of the Named View.
LIke all view changes, this doesn’t respond to undo, and the edges can’t be dragged to restore the proportions.
Workaround: The original proportions are restored by closing and reopening the project.

Hello - checking this, thanks.


Thankyou. Is there a bug report?

Hi David -
I can’t reproduce this behavior in Rhino (6.31.20252.12291, 2020-09-08).
Which version are you running and does that also happen when you run Rhino in safe mode?

No bandwidth during the work week to wrestle with bit locker recovery key for a safe mode start, but I hope to get to it later.