GLB model auto-exported from Grasshopper not able to view on gltf viewer

I have been exporting models in gltfv2 and I am having problems converting them to glb.
The gltfv2, when checked in the gltf validator, shows me that the exported file has an error but I can view it on gltf viewer.
The gltv1 when exported also shows the validation error but I am not able to view it on any gltf/glb viewer either.
Any idea why this happens? (10.7 KB) [|attachment] (7.4 KB)

I would ideally require to export as glb grom grasshopper

You can use the ShapeDiver exported for Rhino to export glTFs. ShapeDiverExportDownload Grasshopper component doesn’t support glb, more details about supported formats here.

Could you tell me what are you trying to do? I just want to understand your workflow a bit better.

My goal is to export objects directly from gh with texture pre-applied. I’m looking at optimising for the web. Since there are numerous files I cannot convert each of them. I tried to batch convert to glb from here ->

It throws the error: Unexpected token g in JSON at position 0
But the sample file converts on without problems

ShapeDiver platform has a great viewer so you don’t need to worry about optimisation for web, your Grasshopper model is processed for viewing in the browser when you upload the file. You might need glTF if your model contains a lot of static geometry which you can then reference externally, more here.

ShapeDiverExportDownload component is aimed for geometry exports for manufacturing and other production pipelines.