Glass rendering issue

I’m having some weird error with the glass rendering. As seen in the photo, the glass material appears fine partially, but about half of it becomes frosted looking.

I’ve tried adjusting the lighting or the glass material a bunch of times but it’s been doing the same thing over and over again. Anyone got any ideas? :confused:

are you using the rendered display mode? if so go to the settings and adjust the shadow resolution. if you are using cycles raytrace i am afraid you have to let it render longer and/or respectively increase the bounces

Hi @Hye_Jun_Lee ,

At a guess, maybe you are using a denoiser post effect and need to achieve more samples in the render first. If that doesn’t help, post the 3dm with just the glass panels and the surrounding room. Use the command Export to save out only the currently selected objects as their own 3dm file. Also indicate the area you are trying to adjust to be less frosted please. I think you might be referring to the panel in the second render next to the kiosk but I’m not sure as that looks correct to my eye for both reflection and refraction.