Render Output and Prespective Rendered View are different

Hi, I have an issue about rendering that I can’t fix and your help would be very appreciated.

I basically have a simple building model and am trying to have a quick render out of it. While it all looks fine when I’m on Perspective + Rendered view, when I do a Render Preview, the left hand side is completely blacked out as you can see on the pictures below. If someone can help me out understanding why this is happening, I would be very grateful.

This is how it looks like on Perspective + Rendered view

and this is how the Render Preview looks like

I’ve attached the file itself below.
0614_Maeda_studio_スケッチ躯体_レンダリング_v5.3dm (4.8 MB)

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Hi @tsk00123
It’s because the glass is reflecting your render environment. You’ve chosen to override the environment as the background, by setting it to Solid color (white), but the reflection channel in the glass is still reflecting the environment.
Change the IOR of the glass to 1 (making it fully transparent with no reflections) or something low, like 1.05.
Make the glas surfaces into actual glass panes with thickness (eg. using ExtrudeSrf), as the resulting IOR calculations will make them show the outside better, as the reflection doesn’t “overpower” the IOR as much as they do, when they are “just” surfaces with no actual thickness.
HTH, Jakob

Hi @Normand,
I’m very sorry for replying super late despite you sending me a very detailed reply!
Your explanation made perfect sense, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!