Glass reflecting rectangular lights in raytraced mode

I’ve trying to render some views of design using raytrace mode but I can’t figure out how to have the glass in a door transom window not reflect the rectangular lights I set up in the rooms. You’ll see in this screenshot video that the lights are not visible when I hide the glass… you only see them when the glass is turned on. Ideas?

You can try to find an angle where the lights illuminate what you want without being visible, or you can do what photographers do–Photoshop it. Old-school renderers like V-Ray and Brazil let you override all sorts of stuff like that to get totally unrealistic effects, but GPU path-tracers seem to take more of a ‘brute force realistic’ approach that’s very realistic but does mean you have to act more like a real-life photographer, for better or worse.

Thanks Jim. That’s unfortunate but at least I know there’s no other setting. Photoshop it is!!

Did you try swapping from ‘Glass’ to ‘Custom’ material and set reflection to 0?

Just tried and no change. Same issue.

I wasn’t able to look at your video last night so, well it doens’t change my answer. You’re talking about the light refracting through the glass, from a “rectangular light.” Yeah I checked with Raytraced mode and iRay and both show it through the glass. Those light ‘objects’ are supposed to be “fake” light sources in “legacy” rendering apps like the basic Rhino renderer, so they’re not actually visible in any way, only the illumation they give off and a fake ‘specular highlight’ effect to approximate a reflection. The GPU renderers work by “actually” bouncing light back to a source object that’s “actually” illuminated, so I guess they have a bit of trickery to be able to hide these objects from the direct view of the camera, but not from refraction or reflection. So to fix this you need to setup the lighting more realistically, you can have lights elsewhere in the room giving overall illumination.