.ghuser file association

I mistakenly changed the file association of a .ghuser file to be associated with Rhino.exe. This changed ALL the user object files to be associated with Rhino WIP. I uninstalled WIP 8 and all the GH files and directories, then reinstalled Rhino. The .ghuser files are still associated with RHino WIP. I can’t seem to remove the Rhino WIP extension. Can anyone help?

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create a .ghuser file in grasshopper (create cluster, then save as ghuser) should get your icons back.

File association is a Windows thing, not a Rhino thing. Click the “Change” button on that image and change it to a different app. Not sure which one you should set… ? :thinking:

No luck, Created a simple cluster, saved it as a “Create User Object” and still ended up with the WIP 8 association when I tried to load it. This is the error I get:

My best guess is that I have to go into the registry and change the association manually but I don’t know how to do that.

**oy was that a mess. Try it again:

grasshopper doesn’t open .ghuser files, you put them in the correct folder and then the components are available in grasshopper after restarting your Rhino instance.

That is the question. I don’t know what association to set it to. I think I may have to do it manually in the registry, but again, there is no executable that opens a .ghuser file.

I don’t set the association. It shows up on its own after I save it without an extension.

you don’t open .ghuser files though, creating a .ghuser should fix your file icon/description

NO! Don’t do that.

I’m running put of options. I completely uninstalled WIP8 and all GH components. Loaded a fresh version of WIP 8. Ran GH, created a cluster, saved it as a User Object, went into Special Folders / User Object Folder, and I see the file I created with the WIP8 extension. Get an error message when I try to load it.

you don’t load them manually. They load when Grasshopper opens. Type the component name in the grasshopper to use.

You wasted your time.