Ghplayer program continues to run in the background after use


I have slightly modified the functioning of ghplayer to create simple-to-use programs (and easily modifiable) that perform modifications on the model without needing to open Grasshopper. They are like scripts but with the advantage of being developed using Grasshopper.

For example, I have a program that prompts the user to choose a value in the command bar and then writes the choosen one as user text on the selected object.

It’s really convenient, but I’ve noticed that these programs do not close after use (even with a component designed to close the definition at the end of the algorithm). This can sometimes slow down Rhino.

Is there a way to close all the definitions launched with ghplayer?


Hi Rémy -
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.
Can you post a simple gh file that shows this behavior?


Thank you for replying.

You’ll find here a simple rhino file and gh file that show the behavior :

  1. Please select the block, then run the command "-_GrasshopperPlayer “xxxxxxxxx\GH GET” to launch the program : you’ll get a “Hello there” message box.

  1. click ok and then delete the block : you’ll get the message again without runing any command, that show the program is still working.


GH GET DATA.3dm (836.0 KB)
GH GET (7.0 KB)

I can prevent the message box from appearing, but I know the definition is still there backward. All the computer programs I use work with c# script components that allow me to select choices from the command bar with Rhino.Input.Custom.GetOption or a list with Rhino.UI.Dialogs.ShowEditBox (the message box was just for the simple example), the result is the same the program run when changes are done in the model.

I would like to close them automatically or run a command to close them all when it becomes disturbing, or learning an other method that launch grasshopper programs whithout opening the interface.


Hi Rémy -

That’s not happening on my end, I’m afraid. I’m running (7.30.23163.13001, 2023-06-12).
When I try this in Rhino 8, I’m told that I don’t have the Human plug-in installed.
I’m assuming you have other Grasshopper plug-ins as well - can you reproduce the behavior when not running any of those (other than Human, I suppose)?


I’m running exactly the same version of rhino. I’m not sure i’m using last version of Human plugin, i should try.

Yes i usually use Human and elefront plugins.

I will try to make a c# component that get the selected object so i don’t have to use a plugin and try again (get geometry for ghplayer from “Util” doesn’t work with blocks).

I’ll reply when it’s done.