Ghost in the Linetypes panel? Renaming Name field problematic!


I’ve discovered another bug in Rhino 8 (8.7.24138.15432, 2024-05-17) for macOS, concerning the Linetypes panel.

See how the mouse cursor that I place in the Name text field, in order to give the duplicated line type a new description, doesn’t stick until I’m done erasing, but always disappears after hitting backspace one or a couple times.
Then after the initial name got completely deleted, a new name is promptly auto-inserted, before I can type in my desired description.

This bug happens when Rhino has just recently been launched, and disappears after the Linetypes panel has been toyed around with a bunch.
It should be easily reproducible with a new empty Rhino document (mm template).

Thanks for taking a look.

Thanks diff-arch, This got reported Friday and looks like the fix will be available in this weeks update.

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