GH rotation 3D does not work as the designated angle

rotate (16.9 KB)
hexagon rotation.3dm (1.3 MB)

I got the hexagon pattern and sorted them every other one. Then I needed to rotate the selected ones 90 degree perpendicular to the other srfs. However, the script worked but just not 90 degree exactly… I sorted the rotated shapes and axises in every row and the sequence are the same.

Anyone has any idea what might cause the inaccurate angle? Hope my description is clear…

The default angle input for rotation is in Radians. If you want to change it to Degrees, you can right click on the input select degrees.

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What @Adam_M said.

But why use a non-standard component instead of the GH PShift (Shift Paths) ? Five times.



lol cant believe is such easy fix, thanks :laughing:

just noticed there are two “Shift Paths” under “Sets-Tree” column, one red and one green, are they different versions? I thought the newer one would replace the older lol :rofl: