Rotating lines using a series

Hey everyone im attempting to rotate a multiple lines in a series from one end to 90 degrees on the other. Can someone point out what im doing wrong?

6.28 working (45.0 KB)
curently working on the very bottom part of the script


Gadzooks! For what looks like a simple image, that’s a complex GH file!?

im currently working on the largest part of the file but im trying to go back through and make some changes like whats shown above. The part above that im working on doesnt use the lunchbox pluggin panels though. are you able to open it without lunchbox?

@Joseph_Oster ^

6.28 working file (1) (49.6 KB)

Looks like you need negative angles for opposite lines? (47.5 KB)


would split list work or just doing them separately work better? Thanks again for your solution your always a big help

It’s all about data trees! (48.6 KB)

If you prefer to rotate around start points instead of midpoints, that’s easy to change - but then why are the midpoints there at all?

I used mid points because the way i was thinking through it was it needed a central axis of rotation so it wouldnt move out of no where. Using the start end points like @HS_Kim used above makes more sense though.

Actually considering scale of the project the center points might make even more sense so that it doesnt change the shape of the form to much @Joseph_Oster

If you move the Point On Curve slider to one end or the other, you can see that opposite lines are going opposite directions! So you can either Flip Curve one set of lines or create then differently. (49.0 KB)

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Thank you, I’m experimenting with different ideas like this. Its interesting to see your approach to how you break it down in grasshopper. Thanks like always!

Using Range instead of Series. Is this overkill? :sunglasses: (49.2 KB)

can you explain the difference between these two sets of code? on top is me redoing what you did in the example before this one using range.

Very difficult from that image alone. Code file would be WAY BETTER?

  • With a magnifying glass, I see that you left an unused ‘D3’ input on the Merge.
  • And then I see the PShift before IntCrv shows double lines (a tree/list with only one branch) instead of double broken lines (multiple branches) in the white group.

I would have to wire text panels at various outputs in both versions to see where the data trees diverge but can’t do that without a GH file. Too bad, good night!