GH/RI - Convert a list with sub-lists into a single string / list

Hello, I am new to RI and GH :slight_smile:

I made a clash script and I am trying to clash MEP with structure. MEP is the active model STR is the link. What I am trying to do is pass to a parameter a list of IDs of all elements the host MEP element is clashing with. I got the list structure right I just don’t know how to convert a list with sublists into a single string enumeration.

I want to pass for example in index {0,0,191} from list A, a single string containing all IDs from list B = "id 1098398 / id 1098445 / id 1098492 / etc … "

A J,

It would be helpful to see how these are being generated (screenshots of the script, at minimum).

I’m not following how branch {0;0;191} corresponds with {0;0;195}