Gh offset curve error

Hi all,

I’ve a gh file that generate the offset on some given curves, but the result sometimes is wrong (as shown on the image); the correct offset should be the green line.

Any advice?

Thank you (3.4 KB)
GhOffsetCurve_Error.3dm (82.1 KB)

still doesn’t work

try 2, 3, etc
it seems to work in rhino 8
maybe there’s a bug in previous versions…

it gives me the same error with all 5 config

which rhino version are you using?


If using plugins is acceptable for you:

any of these will do the job

hi @Piotr , thank’s for advice, but these plugins aren’t useful because they work on polylines, my input are curves instead.

I can get the result you’re after…
If you want the same amount of control points the regular offset is adding some:

The exact amount of CP comes from OffsetLoose but there is no solution to the distance you provided.
Clipper, I guess, is closest you can get there.

Saw all of this and thought of this.
Offset (18.9 KB)
Simply uses pipes to offset the curve.
Some one will have to figure out how to sort some of the curves though.
The first pic shows at least one of the problems with it.
Also… It only works on closed curves.

It does the outside to.

in this particular case, will work after a rebuild

GhOffsetCurve_Error[fixed by rebuild][r7].gh (14.7 KB)

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this return polyline instead of curve.

hi @adel.albloushi , thanks for this trick, it works also for me.

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