Curve offset trouble with negative value

bad result seen in screenshot
same thing if I try RhinoCommon in a C# component

image (2.9 KB)

Looks like you’ve got a duplicate point, at least within tolerance.

thanks for point that out
i do have a pair very close but they are 0.003 units apart, over the tolerance that is set to 0.001

fyi i did an offset command on the baked curve in rhino with 0.1 and it worked just fine :thinking:

Well, I thought maybe it was inadvertent because they are so close. If you eliminate one of them, the offset works, so perhaps it fails because of this? Clipper seems to work.

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rs.OffsetCurve work fine

It has to do with the plane and how the curve lies on it, that’s also why it works on the p thing.
If you flip the curve or the plane it works. Not sure if this is a bug.

Did a little forensics. FWIW, the rhinoscriptsyntax wrapper you mentioned calls this, where as my attempt with a C# component called this.
Once I switched to the former, it seemed to have bypassed my problem.
Maybe McNeel can one day resolve the difference between the them.