GH not responding with large process

I am trying to run some calculations on 432^2 points and vectors in a vector field.

The calculations are Evaluate field, Deconstruct Vector, an Atan2 expression deconstruct point, and a simple python script that writes the results to a .json file.

When I run this process using 43.2^2 points it works fine. If I run the program with 432^2 points GH and Rhino stop responding. Is there a setting I can change to allow it more time to complete the task?

I guess I just needed to give it more time.

Even though GH was not responding it was still operating in the background and the process did complete.

Relying on Windows “not responding” is rarely accurate.
Open the Windows Task Manager and see what Rhino is doing, or use a Desktop Widget that shows what your CPU cores are doing.


Not responding means that the program isn’t pumping message, meaning it isn’t redrawing or handling any of the interaction attempts. This typically happens due to a tight loop in the code that doesn’t give control to code in the program to handle messages from Windows.

That is what is happening in this case. Since the calculation is taking time the program is considered to be not responding by Windows.

Depends on your computer, of course, but 432^2 points isn’t that many. Sometimes you have to be patient - or improve the algorithm. How long does it appear to be frozen?