GH Mac tweaks for better cross-compatibility with Windows

After 10 years of intensive GH Windows usage I’m trying to switch to using GH for Mac and I’m finding some workflow challenges.

  1. The right-click menus on components are not keyboard navigable like they are in Windows. 10 years of Tab-key to edit input/output nicknames muscle memory is now broken and I need to mouse click on each text field. It would be so nice to add Tab-key navigation like in Windows.

  2. The right-click menus on components do not respect the MacOS system setting for keyboard layout! So simple copy/paste commands require different key presses than anywhere else in the OS if you use anything other than QWERTY keyboard layout.

  3. The option-wiredrag to copy the output nickname to the input connection you’re making does not work on GH Mac! This hurts a lot as it’s one of my favorite workflow features of GH Windows.

All of these are tiny implementation issues that are only felt when switching from one OS to the other, but unifying them goes a long way towards the professional feel of using great software. I hope to see them fixed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Deleting component is aways annoy me the most. Win uses delete kay and mac use backspace. Can someone tell me how to delete component by mouse clicking.