Function missing on GH Mac: copy labels with wire drag

I would dearly love to switch to using GH for Mac but this tiny workflow function I use constantly on GH Windows has been ignored on the GH Mac side.

This is the kind of little thing that really needs to be consistent between platforms and I was hoping it would happen in Rhino 8 but not yet.

David added it to GH Windows almost 6 years ago now:

Please add this simple little function (pressing option key while dragging a new wire copies the output label to the input label you’re connecting to) to GH Mac.

Cross platform workflow consistency is really important.

@dan @curtisw

GH Mac Bug:

option key to copy output label to input label function missing.

Hoping to get some attention on this.

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Bump for a bug ticket.

Bumping again.

I depend on this function, my Windows machine is dying and I use MacOS for absolutely everything else except Rhino. I really really don’t want to have to buy another Windows PC.

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Hey @LeoPedersen,

Thanks for your patience, we’re pretty bogged down with the Rhino 8 release right now. :sweat_smile:

I’ve filed issue RH-78693 to get this addressed.


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Thanks Curtis!

I certainly can understand that there may be far more pressing issues with Rhino 8 just having been released.

Glad to have it logged and really hope it gets fixed when time allows.

Have to say I’m really loving Rhino 8! Just really hoping to be able to use Grasshopper on MacOS with the same workflow and editing functions that I use on Windows.