GH Export Hi-Res Image : Image could not be created

Hi All,

I am trying to render high resolution image of my script but unable to scale any higher than 1. Any idea why?

FileSize: 360 kb

System Info:


I am getting this same message. Did you find the solution?

The image is too big. Look at the pixel dimensions; 70 thousand pixels wide by 56 thousand pixels high. Nobody can make an image that big without inventing their own file format. Windows Bitmap file format is limited to 30k pixels in either direction.

What are yours?

It is exporting now but I do not see any file in the location map. This is the message I get and quickly snapshotted it.

Translated: Unprocessed exception: System etc. etc.:
A general error has occurred in GDI+.

You know what this problem is?