GH Display Color/Material - Render/Occlusion problem (R6)



OK, I’m a complete novice on rendering and materials (so don’t laugh at me, I have no idea about how to work with materials in GH).

Anyway, I try to add a semi-transparent material on top of a “base-mesh” having another color, but the GH displays doesn’t seem to play very well together.

In the picture below, there’s (from the right) a base mesh (“A”, red, only to make the example more clear) and on top of that a layer of semi transparent material (“B”, mesh offset, 1 mm in the left direction), and a Swatch-colored Brep (“C”, also displayed from GH). The semi-transparent material occludes the red base mesh entirely, no matter what transparency I set.

Fig 1. Here a Brep (“C”) covers part of the wannabe-semi-transparent surface (“B”), which occludes the base mesh (“A”) entirely:

Q: How do I make the wannabe-semi-transparent layer B truly semi-transparent, and how can I make the Brep © have “true” transparency as well (now it doesn’t give you any hint about the color of any of the underlaying meshes.

Is this even possible?

// Rolf

PS: This is part of a simulation, so displaying Rhino objects/materials directly is out of question.

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

I don’t know if it helps but I have problem with preview and materials from gh. Use rhino materials names.


Thank you very much for your hint. I tried using the info I could distill from the link, but the problem remains - there’s no “true” transparency (through the offset mesh), no matter how I try.
Edit: Now I got transparancy, but… :

And when trying to modify the Swatch, Rhino keep crashing (seems to be a consistent problem there).

Fig 1. Ups… DOR (Death Of Rhino).

Fig 2. FDOS error (Foggy Death Of Swatch):

Shaky business this. :upside_down_face:

// Rolf


A related question,

Is it possible to define transparency in the gradient component?


I need to make a “heat map” whithout occluding the areas which are not “heated”. The gradient doesn’t seem to have transparency, but perhaps there are other ways to achive something similar, but with transparency on “non-heated” areas?

// Rolf

(David Rutten) #5

Yeah, right click on any grip you want and adjust the transparency slider.


Where can I find a transparency slider in the gradient component? (I would like to make the blue area transparent instead)

// Rolf

(David Rutten) #7

No not the editor, directly on the gradient object. The editor uses Windows colour pickers which do not have alpha.


I can’t find any transparency slider on the gradient component, but now I found an entry on the “Web” tab, like so

// Rolf

(David Rutten) #9


Argh… there it was!

Learning something new everyday.

// Rolf