GH-Canvas freezing from large textpanels

Hello I am currently experiencing a very difficult bug in Grasshopper for Rhino7:
When a Panel with a single text with many lines comes into view at a certain scale the entire canvas freezes and Grasshopper becomes completely unresponsive.
This only happens with panels that have a single text-item with many lines. The same panel with the same text lines but as a list of lines is perfectly fine.

I have captured a video here:
Note how the canvas is responsive before the panel comes into view at a certain scale.
There is no gemetry being drawn.

The main thing that bothers me is that this was not a problem before (I had worked with this definition extensively) so it might either be my system (changed from mac to windows recently), an installed plugin or a new behaviour in Rhino 7.

Can others replicate this problem?
Is this expected bahaviour? I dont remember this being an issue in the past. Is there a plugin that could be causing this?

I have created a minimal definition that creates the same issue: (7.0 KB)

If the problem occurs when you plug in the panel, then it is the drawing on the panel that causes the jam. This happens when the panel is asked to draw a lot of text, even if not all of it is visible. If you can’t avoid using the panel, try cutting the text with the text components to display a part of it.

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I understand this but the panel has to draw the same length of text, the difference is simply wether the text is in one object or split into a list of objects.
The solution of course is to simply not display panels with long single-items of text but this problem is new, so I am wondering what changed in recent updates or if it is a local problem.

No, it isn’t.

If that is the case I apologise. I was certain the definition worked without a problem in Rhino6 + GH on a mac.

I haven’t seen your file but I did notice from Rhino 5 that the panel always froze when there was a lot of text, nothing to apologise for.

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