Parametric Column

Hello folks,
Hope everyone is healthy and happy…so yesterday I visited the IGI T1 Airport(Delhi) and then I went to visit the Metro Terminal of the same…What catched my attention while being there was a parametric column installed in the metro terminal( I am attaching the reference image below)…I want to replicate the geometry of the column… Thanks in advance!!! Please give it a try😄

I did a similar geometry few months back but it was in square and I dont know how to do it in ellipse or circle…( The base is circle and the top is ellipse… I am attaching the GH file of the previous geometry that I did!! (35.8 KB)

This is a fairly ugly first attempt but might give you some ideas.

I’m going to see if I can tweak it for something like this: (19.4 KB)

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A somewhat improved version… (33.9 KB)

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Thank you so much @Birk_Binnard. I really appreciate yor efforts. Maybe you can tweak it a little bit more for betterment!:smile:

I’m glad my posting was helpful for you. As I noted, I did continue to work on the GH script. While doing that I decided to incorporate a method I’ve used before that results in supports made from circular arrays of curved beams - like those shown in the photos you posted - rather than the solid posts I showed in my first post.

I’ll post version 3 of my current script sometime tomorrow, but since I do 3D printing and not architecture I’ll have to do some cleanup work on it first.

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@HS_Kim @Joseph_Oster
I have seen your work on this forum and its incredible! Maybe you guys can help me to achieve the desired output! Any help you could offer would be much appreciated. I am new to learning grasshopper🙂…Thanks in advance!

@kev.r Maybe you can help me this please!!!

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Have a look at the attachment… and you should’ve mentioned you’re referring to my image in my old posts.

Parametric (21.8 KB)


Here’s how I eliminated the Loft function and used IntCrv to make the curvy roof supports. (33.6 KB)


Omg! Thank you so much!! The output is perfect!! I apologise for not mentioning you in the past post! Thanks a lot once again🙂

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