How to generate something like this (concrete choreography)?

How do we generate something like this? What kind of systems (attractors, etc) or tools that could be used to generate these kind of forms?

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reminds me a bit of the parametric bench definitions, just stood on end instead of horizontal. Search for parametric bench and try adapting one of those definitions!


This reminds me of Michael Hansmeyer’s Columns.

His method/approach is well described in the above links.


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For using bench definitions,we need a surface right?..i did this in blender,by displacing with 3d noise using texture co-ordinates…

they achieve the form using processing,then they take it to grasshopper…:thinking::thinking:

i think the process is different to what Michael Hansmeyer uses.You must see this too! woven-column-3|690x336

Nice references.

But all of them showcases how a sectional curve transform to another as it move vertically along an axis.
So, Tweening Sectional curves could be a way to start generating the form!

Michael Hansmeyer is/was a lecturer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), so I assume he could have some influence on it. Not all of them look exactly like his but at least I think I can see some similarities.

You might consider implementing one of the many isosurfacing plugins available in Grasshopper (e.g. Cocoon, Dendro, SpatialSlur etc.) for meshing a list of entangled curves. Should be pretty straightforward.

Check this out guys,its done in processing…