ggIFC creating IFCopening in IFCwall


I have a problem exporting IFCopenings from GGifc grasshopper.

I made a grasshopper script that creates 2 IFC-walls with a hole in it. When I export IFC using bake to file. The IFC-file has a wall with a hole and a wall without a hole.

The 1st wall is created using IFC wall standard case. The hole is then created using IFC opening element. The holes is not included in the export but is visible in rhino using preview.

The 2nd wall is created by cutting out a hole using grasshopper solid difference then the geometry is used to create an IFCrepresentationitem. The representationitem is then given classification IfcWall.Solidwall using IFCElementType.

Why is the IFCopening not included in the wall when exporting to IFC?
ggIFC wall (28.8 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Hi Max,

Thanks for posting. At the moment the Model View Definition nominated is coordination (most typical)
but this doesn’t include all geometry representations, such as a cylinder.
If you generate the opening shape using an extrusion (as demonstrated in modified script below),
then you should see the opening in Solibri and other viewers.
I want to improve the notification to the user when a shape or concept is used that isn’t
compliant with the MVD.

Let me know if this helps or not,

ggIFC wall (33.1 KB)

Hi Jon,

Sorry for the late reply. I just tested it and it works. My IFC viewer now shows 2 walls with openings. Thank you. Do you know which Model View Definition does export IFC cylinder?

Yours sincerely,

IFC4 Design Transfer View might very well include this but it has not moved past draft status.
I’m away so I don’t have access to the draft to double check.